A man who was found dead in a North Texas home surrounded by dozens of snakes… likely died of natural causes.
Police say the man was found dead in his Fort Worth home Saturday on night.
More than 70 snakes were found in the home, but all were non-venomous and properly contained.
A friend of the victim told authorities that the man had been suffering from an illness.
His identity was not immediately available.

Bethany Johnson and her husband are making the Stephenville ISD into a family affair.
Bethany starts her journey this year at Stephenville High School as an integrated physics and chemistry teacher.
She got her teaching degree at Tarleton and did her student-teaching in Stephenville where she met her husband, Blake Johnson, who teaches and coaches at the high school.
Johnson said there are a lot of positives coming to SISD. She said she plans to get her kids excited to attend her class– a dream job of hers for the past five years.

It was all classic cars and coffee at the courthouse on Saturday, with the largest showing yet of over 40 cars on display. This is a very informal event, there’s no entry fee, competition, or all-day obligation, just a bunch of people getting together to check out and appreciate each other’s vehicles.
The event is held on the first Saturday of the month.

Source: Local News