Contest Rules

We will post contest rules from our currently running promotions on this page.


  1. Must be a legal U.S. resident 18 years of age or older to enter.
  2. Person entering can not be an employee or family member of VilleCom, llc, KYOX-FM, KCOM-FM, KSTV-AM, & KSTV-FM Person entering can not be an employee or relative of Sponsors.                          
  3. One prize winner per household for the Contest. Winners will be responsible for all taxes.
  4. VilleCom, llc will not be held responsible for any accident, which may occur during the contest or thereafter. All winners must complete a Release form before tickets or money (checks) will be awarded.
  5. Some restrictions apply, and VilleCom,llc, reserves the right to discontinue or restructure this contest at any time.
  6. Any contestant found to be in violation of these rules will be automatically disqualified. Decisions of VilleCom, llc., and its personnel will be final.
  7. No purchase necessary to enter contest.
  8. You may fill out one entry form per visit. All entry forms must be hand written.
  9. Winners will be announced on KYOX-FM, KCOM-AM, KSTV-AM, & KSTV-FM


Gold Rush Rules

  1. The certificate will be placed on public property that will tell the lucky finder they have won the two bars of gold for Gold Rush 2017 and bring to radio station to claim prize
  2. Gold Rush will begin on Friday March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day and continue until the certificate is found in approximately 5 weeks. This amount of time is what we anticipate.
  3. Sponsors of Gold Rush, including the title sponsor, will get an email each afternoon after 5 pm for the next days Early Bird Gold Rush Clue. Sponsors need to have at their business the posted clue for listeners to come receive the next business day (Monday Through Friday). Listeners looking for clues will need to write the clue down from your business (or take a picture), you don’t have to make copies for listeners unless you think that is better for your business. ….
  4. At the end of the day, after 5pm, all sponsors will get the next early bird clue for the next day. If it is a Friday that will be Monday’s early bird clue…clues will be Monday through Friday only.
  5. The Radio station will read on air the early bird clues the day after sponsors have had the clue in their business. Stations will put on website and on their Facebook the next day after the early bird clues have been at the sponsors for a full day.
  6. Grand Prize winner and immediate family members cannot be employed by VilleCom or any business sponsors.
  7. Winner of grand prize package will also receive a 1099
  8. VilleCom and sponsors are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or lost items in connection with the grand prize package or this contest